What NFL Wants, NFL Gets

What NFL Wants, NFL Gets

Roger Chamberlain walked off the floor of the Minnesota state senate having just watched as taxpayers went on the hook for an estimated $1 billion (at least) over 30 years for the construction, upkeep and debt service on a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. He could only laugh in frustration.

"What the NFL wants," the Republican said, "the NFL gets."

The Vikings' franchise is staying in Minnesota, its home for the last 51 years. It's a big victory for the NFL and football fans in the area. The exorbitant cost is the reality of modern professional sports. Even a smaller market has to pay big or deal with the threat of relocation, in this case to Los Angeles.

Chamberlain is a football fan so on one level he's happy the Vikings are staying. He was disappointed, however, that what seemed like a reasonable amendment to the bill was squashed before it had a chance.

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