Tebow, Sanchez Can't Coexist on Jets

Tebow, Sanchez Can't Coexist on Jets

The Jets’ offseason program started April 16, but Thursday was the first day the media were invited into the locker room with all the veterans present. It was interesting to observe the dynamics.
Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow attracted standing room only crowds, and it felt like the Jets have two starting quarterbacks. When you have two, you have none. The Jets need one.

Tebow’s locker is located 10 stalls to the right of Sanchez’s. They are about 30 feet apart. Backup Kevin O’Connell, no longer a Jet, was next door to Sanchez last year, but the team elected not to move Tebow into O’Connell’s locker. That's a good thing because the neighborhood would get crowded.

Sanchez spoke first Thursday and drew an overflow crowd. As soon as the public relations staff announced Sanchez was done, he stood alone. He never makes himself available for small talk, and nobody bothers to even try anymore.  A few minutes later, Tebow attracted a gathering just as large. If would have been interesting to hear what Sanchez thought about his backup — for now — being so in demand, but he had already put in his time answering questions. When Tebow was done, he sat by his locker and chatted.

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