Karl Has Nuggets Believing They Can Win

Karl Has Nuggets Believing They Can Win

The only thing more surprising than the Nuggets forcing a Game 7 in this first-round series against the Lakers is the manner in which they have gotten the job done. Besides winning two elimination games, the Nuggets learned lessons throughout, adjusted on the fly and dished out some lessons of their own.

"I woke up after the loss in Game 4. I woke up very early in the morning and sat on my porch and I just kept saying to myself, 'They're not that much better than we are.' (Down) 3-1 sounds like you're not (as good)," Nuggets coach George Karl said. "My job was to try to sell that."

He has.

And, as such, on Saturday the Nuggets play Game 7 for the right to move on to the Western Conference semifinals.

Just how did they get to this point? Here's how:

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