Drama Set for Angels vs. Rangers

Drama Set for Angels vs. Rangers

Here we go with a juicy Friday evening in Arlington.

"Yuuuuus and booooos" will echo across the Mid-Cities with a ballpark-packed house in full chorus.

Sometimes the baseball gods are just good to us this way, allowing some special spice to be added to the already much-anticipated first meeting of the season between the Rangers of Arlington and the Angels of Anaheim, LA, Orange County, Mapsco, etc.

The pitching matchup for the series opener tonight delightfully came together with the right formation of moon, stars and rotations.

Outside of both being pitchers, there's obviously nothing in common between Yu Darvish and C.J. Wilson, but the two were destined to be linked because of circumstances out of either's control. And it also was the Rangers who did the linking much more so than the Angels.

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