The Odd Fraternity of 4-Homer Hitters

The Odd Fraternity of 4-Homer Hitters

Babe Ruth never did it. Henry Aaron never did it. Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds never did it.

But Wiliie Mays did, and Mike Schmidt, Lou Gehrig, and now Josh Hamilton.

When Hamilton blasted his fourth home run into the Baltimore night on Tuesday, he joined an odd fraternity that defies characterization – except for the obvious, the ability to hit with power. (Even then, two of them combined for a grand total of 21 homers over the time remaining in their major-league careers.)

Hamilton is the 16th hitter to hit four four-baggers in a game. There have been more perfect-game pitchers (21) than four-homer batters. There have been nearly as many unassisted triple plays (15).

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