Oden Not Innocent in Being a Bust

Oden Not Innocent in Being a Bust

Any time Greg Oden gives one of these definitive interviews that promises to finalize his legacy, we have to read it. Any time, he talks about that picture, or his injured knees, or the trainers, or mentions the Trail Blazers, we have to listen.

It's Oden. It's us. We're in it together, and even as we learned very little about the No. 1 overall draft pick from 2007 from the interview he gave a former teammate on Wednesday, we got this loud and clear: This Greg Oden thing isn't going away.

Oden's burned into our retinas. He's etched on the steps of the Rose Garden. He's as much a part of the history around here as the Steel Bridge, the Rose Garden at Washington Park and the Pittock Mansion. Except, he speaks.

Also, he probably makes a comeback and signs an NBA contract. But those of us who watched Oden mope around the city for five years understand that the best thing we can do with Oden isn't to ignore him, or try to move on, but to acknowledge the draft selection and ensuing heartache as a mistake to be learned from.

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