No Answers for Lincecum's Struggles

No Answers for Lincecum's Struggles

The reasons for Tim Lincecum not resembling a front-line pitcher this season are as clear as the smog in Southern California.

Yet, everyone is waiting for those answers, including Lincecum after his early dominance retracted into another awful inning and another ugly final line that sprouted even more questions Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium.

Lincecum went five innings, allowed four runs on eight hits, walked two and struck out eight. The start bumped his ERA to 5.89 and left everyone grasping at solutions.

“It (stinks) when you can’t find the zone and you’re putting guys on with walks and one big hit hurts you or you’re finding the zone too much and you get hit,” Lincecum said. “In the end, it’s about not executing.

“It turns into a plague here after a while. You try not to think about it too much because then you go negatively. I’ve always talked about letting things go and not putting them in my brain. That’s what I have to do between now and my next start.”

Lincecum wasn’t dejected after the game, but he admitted he is frustrated by not knowing why his command eludes him at times or why he can’t dominate hitters over an entire outing like he used to.

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