Knicks Will Have No Excuses Next Year

Knicks Will Have No Excuses Next Year

The record will show that the Knicks’ season ended last night at American Airlines Arena. History will insist the end came in a mad flurry in the second half, when the Heat made one final push to topple the fragile visitors off the cliff, to end the competitive phase of the game – and the series – on their way to a 106-94 win.

Officially, the season ended just after 9:30 on the evening of May 9, 2012.

But the Knicks have to know better than that, if they’re going to be truthful to themselves, for they really did die a dozen different deaths across this season. There was Jan. 4, the night they handed the Bobcats one of their three road wins. There was Feb. 17, a loss (again at home) to the Hornets, and Feb. 20, when Deron Williams and the Nets crushed them, again at the Garden.

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