Warner Deserves Praise for Stance

Warner Deserves Praise for Stance

Before we allow this very important debate about the importance of player safety in pro football to disintegrate into a silly exercise of infantile name-calling (oops, too late for that), I was actually hoping that some genuine good could come out of the darkness.

So much for my hopes and dreams.

Even when smart people try to talk intelligently about the very obvious and painful facts of the essence of the NFL — that it is wildly popular, inherently dangerous, intoxicatingly irresistible and, yes, desperately needs to be fixed — these truth tellers are greeted with strong resistance.

So Kurt Warner goes on television in the wake of Junior Seau's death and the former Rams quarterback has the common sense to say something that a lot of people are thinking — that he's scared about the inherent dangers of the game — and he's assailed by former players (see: Merril Hoge and Amani Toomer) whose idea of addressing this is to slap duct tape on everyone's mouths, cover their eyes and tell everyone to enjoy the view.

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