Nash Brings Credibility to Canada Basketball

Nash Brings Credibility to Canada Basketball

The narrative surrounding Steve Nash is pervasive, and it is not quite right.

Surely, it is inspired by the way he plays on the court where the point guard exudes an unrelenting selflessness. He shot just nine times per game this year despite a 53% success rate from the field. One wonders how such accuracy would embolden shot-happy point guards like Russell Westbrook or Brandon Jennings.

And given his left-of-centre political bent, his charity work, his humility and, yes, his passport, it is assumed that Nash is like this in all facets of life. But attaining such success means engaging in opportunism, if only a little bit. Nash stopped playing for Canada when he saw how it might shorten his professional playing career. He left Dallas, and his good friend Dirk Nowitzki, in free agency when he was offered more money in Phoenix. Now, he is taking on the role of general manager for the Canadian men’s national basketball team before his NBA career is done.

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