Goodell Gives Punished Saints No Options

Goodell Gives Punished Saints No Options

There are few institutions more like the U.S. Army than the National Football League.


Uniforms and helmets and training camps. Stick with your squads. If you're on time, you're late. Be 15 minutes early. Pull up your socks or you'll pay. Next month's optional workouts are mandatory. Take ground. Never retreat. You're injured? Next man up. This is war.


Above all, in both, you do what your leaders say, no questions asked. They bark, you bolt. If you think, you hurt the team.


So what did NFL commissioner Roger Goodell think New Orleans Saints football players would do when their leaders put in a bounty program for quarterbacks' heads?


Did he expect them to stand up in the middle of the fire and brimstone the night before a huge game and say, "Uh, Coach? I'm not entirely sure that's ethical. Maybe we need to check with Roger?"


Did he expect the Saints players to raise their hands and say, "You know what, Coach? I'm out. But good luck with that!"


Did Goodell expect players to risk insurrection, to risk the esprit d' corps, to risk their jobs by conscientiously objecting?

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