Anthony Can Keep Knicks in the Series

Anthony Can Keep Knicks in the Series

This probably won’t surprise you all that much, but the locals aren’t exactly going underground here in South Florida, petrified by tonight’s Game 5 between the Heat and the Knicks.

Nobody is summoning the ghosts of the ’75 Islanders or the ’04 Red Sox or the ’10 Flyers.

“This will be good, like a hard scrimmage,” a caller to WQAM radio was saying yesterday afternoon. “It’ll keep us fresh and sharp for the second round.”

The host tried to mention, you know, the Knicks get paid too, and nothing’s a given and any-given-night and all of that, and that was about as far as either of them could get before laughter overtook them.

Put it this way: The Knicks of Melo and STAT and “Who Shot? J.R.!” don’t exactly inspire the same fear and loathing in these parts as the Knicks of Patrick and Sprewell and Allan Houston did. You listen to the locals talk, this playoff matchup is like a college game where the home team is willing to pay a huge guarantee for right to pulverize Prairie View A&M.

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