Spurs' Sweep a Teachable Moment

Spurs' Sweep a Teachable Moment

Coaches torture themselves over success, and Gregg Popovich has been lately. He's been wondering out loud among his staff that, well, wouldn't it be better to lose a game?

“That's why,” one of his assistants kidded him, “you are coach of the year.”

Popovich wasn't laughing. He's felt the winning streak has become a burden, and he didn't like the feel that a relaxed first round was giving his players. It's the same reason he also dislikes 20-point leads in the first half.

So what happened Monday, when the Spurs coughed and sputtered toward a sweep, gave him hope. Popovich can treat the latest win like a loss, and he will take the Spurs into the film room to see a few things.

Or, as Stephen Jackson put it with a smile, “Pop's got something to teach on.”

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