No Middle Ground on Middlebrooks

No Middle Ground on Middlebrooks

The Red Sox [team stats] have themselves a legit phenom on their hands with Will Middlebrooks.

If he isn’t careful, some AL pitcher is going to go all Cole Hamels on him and give him a Bryce Harper-like “welcome to the big leagues, son’’ pitch square in the middle of his back.

It’s probably not going to slow him down.

Middlebrooks hit two more home runs last night.

His first big league home run was a grand slam on Sunday.

His first big league game was last Wednesday and in his first three plate appearances he walked, singled and doubled.

He has at least one extra-base hit in each of his first four career games.

He is in the midst of one of those rookie runs that make seasoned baseball veterans just shake their heads and smile.

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