NFL: 9 Observations to Note Before Mock Drafts

NFL: 9 Observations to Note Before Mock Drafts

Beasts of burden are expected to earn their hay

Running back is a position under attack. Many owners, burned repeatedly by injury and ineptitude, are turning a blind eye to conventional RB-first wisdom, the backbone of draft strategy only mavericks didn't adhere to just a few short years ago.

Yes, going A-Rod, Cam Newton, Drew Brees or Tom Brady with your top overall pick might be safe, but saddling up a workhorse early isn't moronic. In a split-carry era, indisputable three-down backs are worth every penny simply because they are so few in number. Chew on this, 10 years ago 15 backs logged 300-plus touches. Five years back that number dipped to 11. Last year, it dwindled to eight, an all-time low in the digital age. This is why those who shockingly get paid to eat, breathe and sleep fantasy continue to stick to alleged dated methods.

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