Flyers Need More Than Belief

Flyers Need More Than Belief

It is story time for the Flyers.

They have to tell themselves tales of gritty comebacks and overcoming long odds. They have to believe those stories. Only then can the Flyers hope to write a story of their own.

If they do, it will go something like this: There was a team that played as if under a spell for the first four games of a best-of-seven series. The guys skated hard, but their legs just wouldn't move. They knew just what to do, but they couldn't do it. They fell behind three games to one and faced a do-or-die situation.

And then, when things couldn't get worse, they lost their best player. So there they were, backs to the wall, their leader missing, their season on the brink of an embarrassing finish.

So how did they respond? Well, that's the part of the story we don't have yet.

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