Concussions Creating Moral Dilemma

Concussions Creating Moral Dilemma

Football players are killing each other. The death sentence isn't immediate, but it's there -- and we all know it. Whether they die from dementia or Alzheimer's or their own hand, NFL players are dying too young because of the terrible toll of their game. Not all of them, no. But enough of them. Denying that fact would be stupid. We're not stupid.

And still, we watch. Still, to be perfectly clear, I watch. And I'll keep watching. And I'll keep watching and not feel bad about it -- although in the aftermath of Junior Seau's suicide, the morality of the football fan is being questioned. What is our duty, as football fans, as the evidence reaches overwhelming levels that the sport we love is killing the athletes who play it?

We buy tickets and jerseys. We watch on TV. We have the Detroit Lions lawn chair, the NFL-licensed Terrible Towel, the official cornhole game of the Cincinnati Bengals. By supporting football, are we enabling the destruction of football players?

Is this our fault?

That's the question being asked right now, and it's being asked in the most introspective way.

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