Clippers Enjoying Growth Spurt

Clippers Enjoying Growth Spurt

Anyone with kids understands the ambiguity of growth spurts.

See, when you're around your kids day after day after day, you don't quite realize how much they're actually spouting. They're literally growing right before your eyes, but it's occurring at such a gradual pace you don't even notice.

But then a moment comes along when it hits you. Maybe they're standing alongside a friend they once stood eye-to-eye with but now tower over. Or maybe the jeans that once hung too long on them no longer cover their ankles.

And you think to yourself, `Wow, when did that happen?'

That kind of moment occurred Monday with the Clippers.

Maybe we weren't paying close enough attention or perhaps we've been too close to them to truly notice.

But their 101-97 overtime victory over the desperate Memphis Grizzlies in Game 4 of the first round of the Western Conference playoffs showed us just how far they've come over a short period of time, just how much they've sprouted over the last four months.

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