2 Hall of Fame Inductees Lay Into Woods

2 Hall of Fame Inductees Lay Into Woods

Celebrated for their biting humor, Hall of Fame inductees Peter Alliss and Dan Jenkins aimed their gifts at Tiger Woods at the end of their news conferences before the induction ceremony Monday at the St. Johns County Convention Center.

Jenkins wondered aloud about Woods’ heart.

Alliss wondered about his brain, and other parts of his body.

They didn’t spare their acerbic wit doing so.

Allis said he was perplexed by Woods making his third swing change as a pro.

“I do not understand the thinking of Tiger Woods,” Alliss said. “I think his golfing brain, for some reason or other, is completely addled.

“Perhaps the good part of his brain for a period drained from here, down to here,” Alliss said, motioning from his head to his groin. “And that caused him great distress, probably a modicum of enjoyment at the time. But he’s gone.”

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