Where Did John Marinatto Go Wrong?

Where Did John Marinatto Go Wrong?

There cannot possibly be a tougher job in college football than Big East commissioner.

That is not meant as a defense of the outgoing John Marinatto, who is as responsible for what has happened to the league as the dueling interests of football and basketball members. It is meant to add context for anybody who does not completely understand the divide that threatens the Big East.

No other commissioner on the FBS level has to deal with basketball-only members, still believing their interests should come first. No other commissioner on the FBS level has had to deal with football members perplexed as to why the folks on the other side do not quite understand the reality of the situation.

Was it shortsighted presidents who got the Big East into this mess? Or was it a fundamental lack of leadership and vision from the man in charge to get everybody to buy in? The schism between basketball and football members has always been there, but what has become increasingly evident is that Marinatto was powerless to stop the growing gap.

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