Jazz Have One Last Chance to Get it Right

Jazz Have One Last Chance to Get it Right

Just once, Jazz fans deserve a good ending.

While there’s not much hope of the Jazz’s extending this series beyond a Game 5 in San Antonio, winning Monday’s Game 4 at EnergySolutions Arena would be meaningful.

That’s true for two reasons: Through three games, the Spurs have dominated them like no other opponent in the Jazz’s postseason history. And whether they were facing elimination or just trying to catch up in a series, the Jazz have not won their final home playoff game since 2000.

This farewell had better be different. Otherwise, the Jazz’s being swept by the Spurs would undo much of the good they’ve done this season. Those 36 victories in the shortened, 66-game season and all the effort it took to make the playoffs would be obscured by four straight defeats.

This team has come too far to have it all end this soon. The 2011-12 Jazz deserve to be remembered for more than a first-round playoff disaster. Of course, that legacy is entirely up to them — and the Spurs.

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