Celtics Roll, Focus on Near-Term Goal

Celtics Roll, Focus on Near-Term Goal

It was shortly before 9 p.m. last night that Game 4 became old news. Things were well in hand and the Celtics [team stats] began resting their regulars for tomorrow night’s affair in Atlanta, knowing damn well that great benefit awaits them if they put the Hawks out of their misery.

This is all about one game now. Woe to the Celtics if they look at this any other way.

Doc Rivers checked off a list of casualties, from Ray Allen’s ankle to Avery Bradley’s shoulder to Paul Pierce [stats]’s knee and Mickael Pietrus’ hamstring. Then he tried to avoid putting too much pressure on one game, noting quite correctly that the Celtics have more than one chance to win and advance.

But he knows how important it would be for the Celts to dispense with this series and hope the Bulls can extend things against Philadelphia. And if he doesn’t want to admit it, his players will.

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