Drogba Proves His Value for Chelsea

Drogba Proves His Value for Chelsea

Oft criticised, oft written off, the Chelsea striker is now the first player to score in four FA Cup finals, the man who has struck eight goals in eight competitive games at Wembley yet he is still expected to leave Chelsea.

The club need to answer a question from their fans. Why? Why let Drogba go? The talisman with the occasional tantrum in him always has a goal in him. The player who always seems to have the final word in finals does not have the final word in his Chelsea career.

At 34, Drogba wants a two-year contract at the Bridge, which the club are loathe to offer as they seek to rejuvenate the squad. He is still a force, still a goalscoring threat, and still apparently booked on a slow boat or fast plane to China and the riches of Shanghai Shenhua.

The way he kissed a post and touched the Wembley turf amidst Chelsea’s post-match celebrations looked like a man saying his farewells to a favourite venue.

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