Caps No Longer Glitzy, Just Tough

Caps No Longer Glitzy, Just Tough

The Washington Capitals aren’t as photogenic as they used to be. We may never, for instance, see Alexander Ovechkin score another goal while lying on his back. But what they’ve evolved into is much more pleasing to the eyes. They’ve become, in baseball parlance, a tough out.

And let’s face it, until you become a tough out – in any sport – you’re never going to accomplish a whole lot. You’re never going to win the biggest games. You’re never going to come away with the grand prize. Individual awards will be within your reach, but after a while those become almost monuments to your Greater Inadequacy.

A year ago, the Capitalsweren’t a tough out. Once Tampa Bay took a 2-0 series lead in Round 2, it was timberrrrrr! It was the same the season before, when Montreal ran off three straight wins – two of them at Verizon Center – to knock them out of the playoffs. In boxing, this is known as having a glass chin.

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