Things Just Get Uglier for Bulls

Things Just Get Uglier for Bulls

Game 2 of this playoff series turned ugly in the third quarter. Game 3 turned ugly at the same time and only got worse at the end. That’s the way it will be the rest of the way, however long the Bulls’ postseason lasts, and it does not appear it will be very long after the 76ers slapped the Bulls with a 79-74 loss to take a two-games-to-one lead in this series

It was ugly enough with Rose out. Then, with less than five minutes left in the third quarter, Carlos Boozer picked up his fourth foul and went to the bench with his team-leading by 16 points.

Then Joakim Noah rolled his ankle and eventually left for the locker room. He tried to return, but forget it. You want to talk ugly. The Bulls’ most energetic player was hobbled badly.

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