Nebraska Coach Sparks Debate About Gay Rights

Nebraska Coach Sparks Debate About Gay Rights

Has a major college coach ever lost a job for expressing religious beliefs?

A fascinating story is unfolding at Nebraska, where running backs coach Ron Brown denounced homosexuality at an Omaha City Council meeting in March. Weeks later, in an interview with Eric Olson of the Associated Press, Brown said he’d rather lose his job over taking a Bible-based stand than for losing football games.

“I have simply said, based on the Bible, homosexuality, the lifestyle of homosexuality is a sin,” Brown said.

Calling Brown openly spiritual is like saying head coach Bo Pelini can be a hothead. None of this is a revelation to Big Red fans.

In 1999, Brown incurred the wrath of gay-rights groups for an anti-homosexual speech. Over the years, Brown has come under fire by the American Civil Liberties Union for promoting Christianity in speeches at public schools.

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