BCS Details Trivial Until NCAA Fair for Athletes

BCS Details Trivial Until NCAA Fair for Athletes

Nothing is more invigorating than a new story about the Bowl Championship Series considering a new format that looks more like a playoff and less like what it is.

That is, nothing except everything else in the world, down to a kick in the hinder.

The playoff story has been flogged by hundreds of writers, both well-meaning and hopelessly drunk, for years now, and frankly, we couldn't care less what format they use. If they put all 120 FBS coaches on one gigantic plain and let them fight it out until there was one left standing, I'd be fine with that format, too. Or just a pixie with a wand declaring a national champion on no criteria at all.

What should be of far more concern is what happens if/when a playoff is devised, because it won't happen until the people who run college athletics can pencil out a way for it to make more money than the current system. That's the only thing that's held it up so far, and the only thing that will keep it from happening in the future. Not congressmen. Not books. Not bad bowl ratings.

OK, fine. That's Economics 1A.

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