MLB: End Coming for Mariano Rivera?

MLB: End Coming for Mariano Rivera?

Unless you're an active vampire working the mountains of Transylvania, or filming locations in Hollywood, all good things eventually come to an end. The cycle of life virtually guarantees it.

Even Mariano Rivera isn't immune.

Last year, at an age (41) when most players relish retirement, the esteemed stopper continued to mystify hitters in high-duress situations. He was 44-for-49 in save opportunities, notched a sleek 1.91 ERA — the eleventh time he finished a season with an ERA below 2.00 — and tallied a very respectable 8.80 K/9. Fantasy-wise, he finished fourth among closers in overall value according to Baseball Monster, familiar territory for arguably the greatest closer the game has ever produced. Visibly, there were no signs of him slowing down.

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