Bulls Should Sit Rose Until Playoffs

Bulls Should Sit Rose Until Playoffs

It remains hard to take seriously any Bulls games without Derrick Rose. At least, in the context of winning a championship, or at least getting past Miami.

But now, it’s officially terrifying to watch any regular-season game with Rose.

Every drive, uh-oh. Every bit of contact, curse word. And that’s not even the bad stuff. No, the bad stuff is what we don’t see, or don’t notice, and then find out the next day, such as his latest owwie.

Rose suffered a sprained ankle against the Knicks on Sunday in his first game back after missing 12 because of a groin injury . So Rose. At least, it has been so Rose, who previously endured toe and back injuries and has missed 40 percent of David Stern’s suicidal regular season. The shocker is that the Bulls haven’t found a sponsor for “Walking Boot Night.’’

It’s not that Rose is soft or a klutz. It’s that he’s a magnet for pain. He’s a bruise in Reeboks. That’s his game. That’s the way he plays, and that creates the acute dynamic of keeping Rose healthy for the playoffs while getting Rose sharp for the playoffs.

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