Notre Dame's Novosel Master of Unconventional

Notre Dame's Novosel Master of Unconventional

In a city where streets still serve as backdrop for a few Tim Tebow jerseys, you have to be careful talking about a player with an unorthodox style and an undefinable knack for winning.

But if it isn't always easy to explain exactly how Notre Dame senior Natalie Novosel does what she does, she is much more than a curiosity.

"She's somebody who would like the ball in her hands," Notre Dame coach Muffet McGraw said. "She's not bothered by the pressure of the moment."

Novosel is the master of the unconventional, twisting, turning and even tumbling her way toward the basket, the ball emerging at an impossible angle amongst a thicket of arms to find its way into the hoop. She seeks out contact, thrives on it, but never seems to get the worst of it. Nobody in the women's game plays quite like her and few have produced as many clutch points in big games.

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