Can Kentucky Handle High Expectations?

Can Kentucky Handle High Expectations?

Swing man Darius Miller is the resident sage on the Kentucky roster, the lone senior that sees a lot of floor action. He played with the John Wall-DeMarcus Cousins squad bounced "early" in the 2010 Elite Eight, played with last year's squad that featured newcomers Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones that lost to eventual champions UConn in the Final Four and he's with this current Kentucky juggernaut. Three straight years of expectations, scrutiny and pressure.

"If you aren't playing for a championship," he said, "then what are you playing for?"

That's not a sentiment you hear on every campus. That's a Kentucky thing, because, under John Calipari's stewardship, the Wildcats have been stacked like IHOP — a banner is always the goal.

But this squad is different. With as many as six possible first-round picks in upcoming NBA drafts — Anthony Davis, in particular, is considered to be the best player in the country — Calipari has admitted that his previous squads "aren't quite as talented as this team."

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