NFL's Biggest Advantage? Its Stars Stay Put

NFL's Biggest Advantage? Its Stars Stay Put

Did you survive your official Week One Super Bowl Hangover, America?

It had to be a rough Sunday, having to go cold turkey without Eli, Tom, a cameo appearance from Mr. Ochocinco, and the sideline stare of the Hoodie from Beantown. And then there's the bonus Super Bowl halftime potty mouth moment, and Gisele channeling Tammy Wynette and singing "Stand By Your Man" while going potty mouth on Wes Welker.


When does training camp open in 2012?

The NFL is King, will always be King, and will never be challenged by all the wannabes in the other ball and stick sports.

Hockey? Please. Baseball? Too many one-out relief specialists, and the annoying DH in the American League. The NBA? Has its moments, but the business model is seriously flawed.

The NFL thrives because teams can keep their stars. The NBA flounders because it can't.

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