NBA: Waiver Wire Scoops

NBA: Waiver Wire Scoops

1. Nikola Pekovic (MIN)- Goodness. 23 points, 10 boards, two steals and three swats in 37 minutes.

2. Reggie Williams (CHA)- Balled. 21 points, five dimes and two triples in 37 minutes. He will help any team for the next two weeks or so. The problem is that he will likely fall off once DJA and Hendo come back.

3. Channing Frye (PHX)- Second good game in a row with 14 points, five boards, two treys and two blocks.

4. Jared Dudley (PHX)- Picked it up, as expected. 19 points (on 7-of-9 shooting), three from downtown and a team-high +19 in +/-.

5. Stephen Jackson (MIL)- 30 minutes and a choke job at the end.

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