King James Reigns Over NBA

King James Reigns Over NBA

Pondering the greatness of LeBron James this season has been like inviting a da Vinci scholar to consider the Mona Lisa’s smile, or asking a theologian, “What is life?” Where to begin? LeBron steps onto a basketball court and it must have been how it felt watching Gershwin sit before a piano. What is next? What magic?

“He has created that problem for himself,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra was saying before Tuesday night’s game here. “That consistent greatness. How can he top himself each night?

“This isn’t a normal MVP year he is having.”

This isn’t normal, no. Not even by superstar standards. Not even by best-player-in the-NBA standards.

The player known for the highlight-reel dunks that make full arenas gasp keeps going higher. Keeps elevating.

So when James does have a mortal (for him) game, as he did in Tuesday’s 107-91 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, it stands out even more than the excellence that has become his norm.

Yeah, all James did was score 24 points with six assists and five rebounds, and end the night’s scoring with a perfect alley-oop to Udonis Haslem for a dunk and then a laser pass to Mike Miller for a three. Oh, and LeBron only had three dunks. Yawn.

James is so great that when he’s below average, he’s still really good.

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