NBA: Introducing Field Goal Impact

NBA: Introducing Field Goal Impact

During last week's discussion of categorical scarcity, I mentioned that in a later column, we'd be looking a little more deeply at the true impact of a player's cumulative effect on a fantasy team's performance from the field. That is, how much a player is really impacting your team's field goal percentage.

Well, I knew I couldn't just throw out a proposition as tantalizing as that and not follow through. Unlike Paul George, I am not a roto tease.

Specifically, I want to approach it from the perspective that it isn't merely enough just to look at who has the best and worst field goal percentages (FG%) when gauging which players are helping and hurting you the most, because two other factors are at play: 3-pointers converted and field goal attempts (FGA).

Adding 3-pointers and FGA to the conversation helps factor in two key components: efficiency and volume. It's not enough just to list who has the highest and lowest FG% and leave it at that, because it penalizes players that give you 3s and distorts the conception of which players are actually making the largest impact on your team's field goal percentage.

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