Can Rangers Trust Hamilton?

Can Rangers Trust Hamilton?

Too bad that it actually matters.

Too bad that a 30-year-old ballplayer cannot pull up a stool at a Dallas bar, have a beer, and as long as he's not driving or causing trouble, have maybe more than a couple of beers.

But for Josh Hamilton, it matters. Really matters.

Obviously, he cannot be drinking even one beer at any time. On Monday, however, he was drinking more than one at a Dallas bar, and based on available information, drinking many more than just one.

Maybe you've heard. Josh has a problem, a problem that is well documented. He's an addict. Once an addict, always ...

The most talented ballplayer in the big leagues took another steep fall in this latest episode, and to be skeptical, nobody can believe this is one lonely isolated case since a previous incident of interesting Internet pictures at an Arizona bar surfaced three years ago.

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