Candlestick Park a 'Fortress' for 49ers

Candlestick Park a 'Fortress' for 49ers

Few people utter romantic remarks about Candlestick Park. It's probably closer to zero people.

All right, so it is zero people.

But the other day, Jim Harbaugh came close to being the first. The 49er head coach, as if speaking dialogue from a gladiator movie, waxed poetic about the seeping hunk of crumbling concrete that is Candlestick. He did this while describing the atmosphere at last Saturday's 49er victory over New Orleans.

"Our fans turned that stadium into a fortress," Harbaugh said. "It felt like, I mean, somebody locked the gates and put us in here and we got 70,000 and a city behind us."

A fortress? I'll go with that. As long as the fortress includes narrow concourses with damply weird smells, restrooms from the Eisenhower era, light towers that blink on and off, bad lower deck sightlines, and a general vibe that former 49er owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. once warmly called: "A pigsty."

The 49ers can't get enough of it right now.

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