Warriors Should Shut Curry Down

Warriors Should Shut Curry Down

The Stephen Curry Pain Pattern in 2011-2012 is almost as predictable as it is disturbing.

One game he survives unscathed. The next one he hurts his ankle and limps off the court.

He comes back swiftly, and for one game he's unscathed. But in the next game or two, he hurts his ankle and limps off again.

Dating back to the final preseason game, Curry's last six Warriors' starts have produced three sprains or "tweaks" of his surgically repaired right ankle, up to Wednesday night's jarring episode in San Antonio.

That's not random. That's a 50 percent reinjury rate in 15 days for the Warriors' point guard and most important player.

That's not something even the Warriors can brush off as mere bad luck.

It's a trend. It's bad. It's potentially career-altering. It's potentially franchise-altering.

And the only way the Warriors can deal with this honestly and wisely is to shut Curry down for a few weeks or months and give his ankle every chance to heal.

It's past time for the Warriors to figure out some things about Curry's future, his fragility, his value, and their own options.

They can't put off shutting down Curry as they've done for weeks now -- the result has been Curry limping, practically every other game.

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