Tebow Should Be Trusted to Throw More

Tebow Should Be Trusted to Throw More

Will Tim Tebow’s latest performance give the Denver Broncos coaching staff the courage to do what desperately needs to be done? Will they let Tebow throw more?

Whether you are a Tebow-ite or Tebow critic, Denver’s 35-32 win against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday was something of a breakthrough. Tebow, now 6-1 as Denver’s starter after engineering his fourth fourth-quarter comeback in that span, did his best work through the air, particularly in a back-and-forth final quarter. The Broncos, with the help of a second critical interception by Vikings rookie quarterback Christian Ponder, scored two field goals in the final 93 seconds for the win and are now tied with the Oakland Raiders for first place in the AFC West.

Unlike so many other games, where Tebow played more like a single-wing quarterback, this contest was won on the strength of his left wing. Where he previously seemed lucky to make two or three good throws, virtually everything he threw in this game was either on target or was the correct read after things broke down.

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