Basketball Should Top Big East Agenda

Basketball Should Top Big East Agenda

Memo to Big East presidents in Philadelphia for Tuesday's fall conference meetings:

You are now in one of the finer college basketball cities in America. While in town, please consider discussing the sport of basketball at length. We understand your first priority right now is saving Big East football. We understand why your first priority has to be saving Big East football.

But if you severely damage Big East basketball while saving Big East football, you've failed. History will prove it.

The last time the Big East got poached for Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College, your chosen replacements made the Big East a better basketball league. This time, you've lost Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and West Virginia. There's no way the Big East avoids taking a massive hoops hit. Replacing them with Houston, SMU, and Central Florida for all sports may work for football and help convince Boise State to join the league. But Houston is the only one of those schools that brings value to Big East hoops. Again, please place hoops high on Tuesday's agenda, not as an afterthought.

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