WVU Makes Much-Needed Move to Big 12

WVU Makes Much-Needed Move to Big 12

The Mountaineers are indeed in the Big 12 - according to WVU, anyway - beginning next season.

"I think the excitement will be off the charts - and that's just for football," said WVU athletic director Oliver Luck.

Indeed, WVU fans will undoubtedly enjoy teams like Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State at Milan Puskar Stadium. They will relish seeing Kansas and Kansas State in the Coliseum for basketball.

Is it the perfect fit, as West Virginia President Jim Clements portrayed? No. Of course not. The closest league member to Morgantown is in Ames, Iowa, 870 miles from Morgantown.

But it is the best available option for WVU. It is the best available conference. It is better than whatever shape the Big East will take after the loss of Pittsburgh and Syracuse.

There are concerns. One popped up when the Big 12 invited WVU, then put the brakes on the deal. One also has to wonder why Colorado, Texas A&M, Nebraska and, now, Missouri decided to bolt.

There are the travel concerns. ("There's no league," Luck countered, "that doesn't have teams facing at least one 1,000-mile trip these days.")

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