NBA Stars Hurting Players With World Tour

NBA Stars Hurting Players With World Tour

Sports fans generally root for entire teams more than the individuals who play for them. Just ask comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who once said fans really only devote themselves to team colors and uniforms.

Or ask fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who turned on LeBron James quicker than you can say the word "decision."

But this theory seems to be lost on James and his colleagues, who have already staged numerous grassroots exhibition games during the NBA lockout. Now, there's talk of a so-called world tour, a six-city expedition to be put on by the league's brightest stars.

So far, stars from James to Kobe Bryant to Dwyane Wade to Carmelo Anthony to league MVP Derrick Rose are expected to participate. According to multiple reports, 14 players have committed in all and will receive anywhere from $100,000 to $1 million to grace the globe with their presence.

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