Marlins' New Logo Bad, But Could've Been Worse

Marlins' New Logo Bad, But Could've Been Worse

Tuesday night, we caught wind of a rumored new logo for the soon-to-be-Miami Marlins. The logo is not scheduled to be officially unveiled until Nov. 11th, and the Marlins will not confirm or deny the authenticity of this logo, which first popped up on a sports logos message board:

First, the positives: In this age of every other sports team cracking apart its logo and buffering it into an aerodynamic, futuristic abomination, I really do appreciate the ambition at work here. That color scheme is not in vogue. Neither is the font; nor are the sharp edges.

But while I sincerely applaud the effort and spirit behind this, I'm afraid that this dog won't hunt. The "M" looks like 1982 Atari, and the weirdly off-center marlin looks like 2002 hockey. It's just a profoundly weird aesthetic clash; it looks like two refrigerator magnets got stuck on one another.

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