Miami, Ohio State Fighting Stigma

Miami, Ohio State Fighting Stigma

Of the names listed on the two full rosters, walk-ons and all, 208 aren't dealing with any NCAA suspensions this season. That's 93.3 percent of the players who call themselves Ohio State Buckeyes or Miami Hurricanes.

But 15 players are -- eight returning from suspensions this week and seven more who remain out. That's why the first thing anyone will hear about Ohio State's visit to Miami on Saturday night isn't about another rematch of the national title game from nine seasons ago or the quarterback battle or anything having to do with the game on the field.

This is about violations. And they know it.

"It's kind of part of the deal," Ohio State senior safety Tyler Moeller said. "It makes me angry about how people perceive this program just off a few things that have happened. But we also know that we did make mistakes and we have to hold ourselves at a high level and correct our mistakes in the future. At times it does make me angry, but you just have to get over it."

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