Michigan's Big Night at Big House

Michigan's Big Night at Big House

Just before 6 p.m., a 44-year old stadium supervisor named Chris Ehman pressed a walkie talkie button and said the solemn words that would forever mark this historic occasion:

"Gimme 10 seconds to get down these stairs."

OK. So it's not Neil Armstrong's "giant leap for mankind. But 10 seconds later, in a substation at the bottom of the stadium, Ehman threw a switch -- and a colleague threw a switch -- and the lights came on at Michigan Stadium for the first ever night game in 132 years of Wolverines football.

They may never turn them off.

Because with 8 seconds left in the latest and perhaps most thrilling, twisting, maddeningly illogical and breathtaking chapter of the Michigan-Notre Dame rivalry, Denard Robinson threw the ball as if playing pop-up catch in his backyard, and it came down in the hands of a leaping Roy Roundtree for a touchdown and an ending they'll be talking about a decade from now, let alone today.

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