Brian Wilson's Cool New Shoes

Brian Wilson's Cool New Shoes

During Tuesday's All-Star game, San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson(notes) sported the coolest personalized pair of cleats I've ever seen on a diamond.

But what Wilson would really like is a brand new outfielder.

Despite wearing a pair of shoes that featured his own heavily bearded face (above), Wilson made bigger waves at Chase Field with the public appeals he made for New York Mets right fielder Carlos Beltran(notes) before and after the game.

While reading the National League lineup for the FOX broadcast (video here), the eccentric closer made special note of Beltran, who was slotted in the No. 2 spot as the league's designated hitter. With an expiring contract and the Mets seemingly in rebuilding mode — they traded closer Francisco Rodriguez to the Milwaukee Brewers on Tuesday — Beltran's name has been bandied about by fans of contending teams.

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