'Street Agent' Shows He Is a Rat

'Street Agent' Shows He Is a Rat

Street agent is much too favorable a description of Willie Lyles.

Sellout, attention whore and snitch more accurately describe Lyles, the brand-new media darling of so-called college athletics “investigative” journalists.

Speaking to Yahoo! Sports reporters last week, Lyles ratted out Oregon football coach Chip Kelly for allegedly personally authorizing a $25,000 payment for Lyles’ bogus Complete Scouting Services. Lyles also detailed several other possible Oregon recruiting violations, and he insinuated that he helped one Oregon recruit circumvent Texas high school academic standards by advising the prospect to transfer to a high school in Arkansas for his final semester.

Lyles claims he flipped on Kelly because he now realizes that Oregon used him to influence Texas-area recruits such as Lache Seastrunk and LaMichael James. Lyles pretends he previously thought the Ducks were sincerely interested in his scouting service.

There is no truth to the rumor that Lyles, 31, also told the Yahoo! reporters that he recently realized Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy were fictional.

Regular readers of my column know where I stand on the NCAA rule book. I have no respect for the integrity of the rules and no interest in serving as the NCAA’s volunteer enforcement staff. College football and basketball are institutions rotting from institutionalized corruption built on the foundation of financially exploiting kids by upholding the myth of amateurism.

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