Jazz Face Major Decisions in Draft

Jazz Face Major Decisions in Draft

As the hours go by and the time draws near for the Jazz to do with their Nos. 3 and 12 picks in Thursday’s draft what they will, it becomes ever more pressure-packed for them, and all the more riveting for everybody waiting and watching.

Kevin O’Connor said a day ago that the Jazz had yet to make up their collective mind — "Still arguing," was the way he put it — about who to take with their first pick. And who they take with the first will determine who they take with the second.

These selections have always been tethered, no matter how many times the take-the-best-athlete line has been floated. The Jazz would be foolish to get redundant. If they select Brandon Knight at No. 3, they’re not selecting Jimmer Fredette at No. 12. Not unless they want to create more work for themselves by stockpiling assets and then selling them off.

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