Don't Bet on Reyes Remaining With Mets

Don't Bet on Reyes Remaining With Mets

Jose Reyes, in my mind, confirmed Tuesday what I always believed:

He's a goner.

Sooner or later, via trade before the July 31 deadline or in free agency at the end of the season, Reyes will become the Mets' ex-shortstop. Given his desire to test the free-agent market and given the Mets' economic constraints, that's what I believe.

Reyes has told the Mets that he wouldn't be negotiating with them on a new deal during the season, leaving the team to try to sign him during an exclusive window after the season or, failing that, to get in line with the other suitors for his services.

Jose can you see - dollar signs?

"It's not about the money," Reyes said. "It's about me being comfortable. I don't want a distraction on my mind. I just want to play baseball. Nothing changed. I want to stay here, be a New York Met my whole career. But right now I just want to play baseball."

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