U.S. Women's Team Searching for Legacy

U.S. Women's Team Searching for Legacy

It has been 12 years since the U.S. women's soccer team had its iconic moment:

Penalty kick converted. Sports bra revealed. World championship claimed.

That was a different era, a moment in time perched on the edge of the last millennium. Anything seemed possible for the American team. The future was unlimited.

This month, the top-ranked U.S. team will try to win its first World Cup since that moment at the Rose Bowl in 1999.

Twelve years later, the U.S. team is still operating in the shadows of its past legacy and trying to find a way to forge its own identity.

"I've said the U.S. will win, but it won't be easy," said Brandi Chastain, who took that historic penalty kick to win the World Cup and will be working as a broadcaster in Germany.

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